Our Coaches
Kendray Lau
Kendray has years of experience helping to mediate between people, conducting personal development coaching, and contributing to the improvement in systems in workplaces.

He has a great passion in helping others solve issues, coaching and inspiring people to become better versions of themselves and motivating them to achieve their goals in life. Kendray has a dream where everyone would become helpful and caring for each other in the future!

He has a strong interest in studying and analysing a person's behaviour, body language, and micro-expressions. Having understood the person's behavioural pattern, Kendray is then able to work effectively with them, helping them in their personal development.

Being able to see the people he helped achieve the break-through result in their life gives him a great sense of satisfaction.

People Development &
​Motivational Coach
Natalie Guo
Natalie's forte lies in being able to discover a person’s potential. Being an expert in the field of HR and recruitment for 8 years (HR Manager), she is able to give professional advice to the employers on which are the potential candidates who are able to excel in their career, and as well as detecting candidates (who really performed well during the interview) who could potentially cause disengagement of the team in the company.

She has the passion in developing people to be the best of who they are, motivating them to think deeper, and helping them to achieve a deeper sense of satisfaction in life. 
Career & Life Coach