About WisePolyglot
About WisePolyglot
WisePolyglot - A coaching & training company that exists to inspire people in making the positive difference to their lives through gaining new insights.
Our services includes:
1) Motivational & Inspirational Coaching
Strategic Talent Acquisition
Personal Development
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Cultivating Positive Team Culture
Interpersonal Skills
Forging a high-performance team
Improvisational Skills
Career Development
2) Corporate Training 
For enquiries, please email:
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WisePolyglot exists to train, coach and inspire people with our life and work experiences. We hope to make a positive difference in people's lives through gaining new insights from our corporate training courses and for those who are keen to learn Thai with us, we hope to help you in achieving your goals in learning Thai which will bring you into a whole new world of Thai language and Thai culture.